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What Are Some Reasons for a Conflict to Occur? | eHow.com
If individuals have needs that they cannot meet themselves, they turn to others and a relationship is formed. One common cause of conflict is one member of a .

Types of Conflict
Differing values need not cause conflict. People can live together in harmony with different value systems. Value disputes arise only when people attempt to .

Applying the Human Needs Theory to the Conflict in Chechnya
Often ignored and neglected by peace researchers, Human Needs Theory may offer valuable insights into the sources of conflict, and thus possible resolutions.

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Sources and Settlements of Ethnic Conflicts
Because of its subjectivity and universality, Need alone is not the source of conflict. A frequent expression of the Need thesis seeks to iden- tify structural causes .

Managing Conflict - Best website on HRM - Excellent HR Tools and ...
They have causes. Because your approach to resolving a conflict is likely to be determined largely by its causes, you need to determine the source of the conflict.

Why We Might Fight, 2011 Edition - 'Natural Security' and Global ...
Dec 11, 2010 . How the need for natural resources could trigger instability around the . allies, worries that these issues represent a new source of conflict.

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Protracted social conflict - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Azar refers to these needs as non-negotiable; . needs is the underlying source of protracted social conflict" where .

Climate Change: A Cause of Conflict? | Global-Politics.co.uk
This article does not argue that climate change will directly cause conflict in the future. . They need to be combined with existing divisions within society, be they .

International Online Training Program On Intractable Conflict . together to analyze the underlying human needs that cause their conflict, and then helping them .

Water is the basic human need
Water Scarcity as a Cause of Conflict in the Nile, Euphrates, and Jordan River Basins. 5a. CONTRACT . Water is the most basic human need. A person “can .

If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about ...
Apr 25, 2012 . The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world's major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and .

Overview of Conflict
Overview of Conflict. (Source: Conservation Technology Information Center, Lafayette, IN). What is conflict? Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from .

Water, Conflict, and Cooperation
well become a source of conflict and wars in the future. Kofi Annan, March 2001. But the water problems of our world need not be only a cause of tension; .

Managing Conflict
Conflict is a source of energy – a . The sources of conflict in typical work . not always easy to identify. If conflict happens, you need to use a lot of active .

Personality Traits of Parents And Developmental Needs of Children ...
What gets lost in the conflict is the needs of the children. Another source of the fear is that winning or losing is so integrally tied to self esteem. Narcissistic .

Conflict: Danger or Opportunity
What Skills Do I Need To Learn? To be successful at resolving conflict, you will need to learn three things. First you must learn how to identify sources of conflict.

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  • Identity
    International Online Training Program On Intractable Conflict. Conflict . needs are not. One of the most common types of needs conflicts are conflicts over identity. . Links to Outside Sources of Information on Identity Conflict. Community .

    HR024/HR024: Understanding Conflict in the Workplace
    Cause 1. Conflicting Needs. Whenever workers compete for scarce resources, recognition, and power in the company's “pecking order”, conflict can occur.

    All these needs can be sources of the strength of opposing interests. Even gregariousness, seemingly innocent, can be the source of social conflict if a husband .

    The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution
    experience their needs and how these needs have developed. There are five basic forces, or sources of conflict: the ways people communicate, emotions, .

  • Major Causes of Conflict | Chron.com
    One of the skills a manager needs to possess is conflict management. . points out that a lack of necessary resources can cause conflict among employees, and .

    Chapter 20: Conflict Resolution and Power struggles
    Exploring the Most Common Sources of Conflict. The most . So Feelers need to consider tolerating some healthy conflict in the name of learning. Conversely .

  • Working Paper Number 16 The Root Causes of Conflict: Some ...
    which measures inequality among individuals) as the fundamental source of . Hence we need a definition which includes all such conflicts, and not only those .

    Petrodollar or Petroeuro? A new source of global conflict, by Cóilín ...
    A new source of global conflict . It can do this because foreign countries need dollars to repay their debts to the IMF, to conduct international trade and to build .

  • The Role of the Media in Conflict | United States Institute of Peace
    Weak actors will want to "socialize" the conflict—that is, to enlist allies in their cause against a greater power and to increase the perception of suffering. Actors in .

    Developing Capacity for Conflict Analysis and Early Response
    Deprivation of needs is one source of conflict. Needs are physical, material or social i.e. belonging to a group or the need to interact. They are political when .

  • Breaking the links between conflict and hunger in Africa
    both an effect and cause of conflict. . or recovering from conflict were in need of . Table 1—People in Need of Food and Other Emergency Assistance in .

    Resolving Conflicts with Jazz Source Control - Library: Articles ...
    This allows you to browse the changes made that cause the potential conflict but you don't need to resolve anything yet. Package Explorer shows potential .

  • Conflict in Schools: Its Causes & Management Strategies
    Frustration of these basic needs….becomes a source of social conflict”15. According to Plunkett and Attner (1989), the sources of conflict include; shared .

    Conflict need not have destructive consequences. . seven major sources of conflict in project management based on their research conducted in a private .

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The Psychology of Religion: A Force For Good or Evil? | Psychology ...
Jun 12, 2012 . Militant atheists claim that religion itself is the source of conflict, but it's really the need for group identity. If religion wasn't available as a way of .