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About Us - Lake Whatcom Management Program
Lake Whatcom is the drinking water source for over 95,000 residents of Whatcom County, approximately half the county's population. It provides drinking water .

Environmental Impacts(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Although Lake Whatcom is 328 feet at its greatest depth, the areas that receive the most impact from wakes created by boats and personal watercraft are located .

Resources - Lake Whatcom Management Program
Lake Whatcom resources are displayed here by category for your convenience. Please let us know if there is a resource that you are looking for and are unable .

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Contacts - Management Program(Lake Whatcom Management ...
Lake Whatcom Management Committee. City of Bellingham. Tim Douglas, Mayor 210 Lottie St. Bellingham, WA 98225. Phone: 676-6979. FAX: 738-7418 .

Pollutants(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
As the popularity of recreational boating has increased, more research has been done to determine the impacts. Results from the U.S. Environmental Protection .

Fish and Wildlife(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Two of the salmonids native to Whatcom County reside in Lake Whatcom, the kokanee, a resident form of the sockeye, and the cutthroat trout. Kokanee .

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Metals(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
What Are Heavy Metals? Heavy metals refer to heavy, dense, metallic elements. Low concentrations of heavy metals are naturally occurring in fresh water .

News and Events(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Apr 4, 2007 . For copies of Lake Whatcom Management Program documents, visit the Lake Whatcom website at http://www.lakewhatcom.wsu.edu.

Car Washing(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Washing Your Car Without Washing the Watershed. Photo: Man washing car in middle of lake. A clean car does help our water supply by not adding dirt and oils .

Lake Whatcom Management Program Work Plan - City of Bellingham
The implementation of the Lake Whatcom Management Program is guided by five-year work plans that are organized around twelve program areas. The plans .

About Us(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Lake Whatcom is the drinking water source for over 85,000 residents of Whatcom County, approximately half the county's population. It provides drinking water .

Lake Whatcom Management Program - City of Bellingham
Lake Whatcom Management Program. Lake Whatcom Management Program Logo. Lake Whatcom jurisdictions work together to provide policy guidance and .

Documents and Reports(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
Below, you will find links to some of the documents related to the Lake Whatcom Management Program, Lake Whatcom monitoring, Stormwater Report, .

Lake Whatcom Management
In 1992, the elected bodies of the 3 jurisdictions adopted a set of 6 general and 21 specific goals, setting into motion the Lake Whatcom Management Program.

Geology - Lake Whatcom Management Program
Beneath the surface of the watershed lie the sedimentary rocks of the Chuckanut Formation with a metamorphic rock called phyllite and glacially derived sand .

Our Programs - Lake Whatcom Management Program
The Lake Whatcom Management Program supports a variety of different programs and projects in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. Management activities in the .

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  • News & Events - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    Free Gardening Class: Sustainable Landscaping WSU Extensions' GARDENING GREEN: Sustainable Landscaping class provides practical information and .

    for Boaters on Lake Whatcom. A publication of the Lake Whatcom Management Program. Handbook developed by: Kurt Baumgarten, Whatcom County Planner, .

  • Management Program Updates - Lake Whatcom Management ...
    Topic: Updates/status reports on Summer 2012 activities, and discussion of Lake Whatcom budget/work plan priorities to be reflected in the draft 2013/14 .

    About the Lake - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    The Lake Whatcom watershed is located in Whatcom County in the northwest corner of Washington State. The watershed is not just a source of drinking water .

  • Contact Us - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    24-hour hotline for reporting potential stormwater issues or violations. If the issue or violation is an emergency, please call 911.

    Aquatic Invasive Species - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    Washington State spends $15 million annually to prevent and control invasive species throughout the state. Some species, like the zebra and quagga mussels, .

  • Silver Beach Creek Pilot Project - Lake Whatcom Management ...
    Lake Whatcom jurisdictions are working together to implement the Silver Beach Creek (SBC) Pilot Project, a comprehensive strategy of projects and behaviors to .

    Fish and Wildlife - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    The Lake Whatcom Watershed is home to a variety of fish and wildlife species. As a result of years of habitat loss and development within the Lake Whatcom .

  • Septic Systems - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    A failing septic system can impact more than just your wallet, it can: Allow potentially harmful bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms to enter our .

    Pets, Farms & Wildlife - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    Pick up dog waste in your yard and public places. Bag it and place it in the trash. A single gram of pet waste, the size of a pea, contains 23 million fecal coliform .

  • Home - Lake Whatcom Management Program
    Free Gardening Class: Sustainable Landscaping WSU Extensions' GARDENING GREEN: Sustainable Landscaping class provides practical information and .

    Stabilizing Construction Entrance(Lake Whatcom Management ...
    Storm Water Management Manual for Western Washington, BMP Reference ( 2005): Available at: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/stormwater/index.html .

  • Lake Whatcom Stormwater Management Program - City of Bellingham
    City of Bellingham Lake Whatcom Stormwater Management Program: Evaluation of Stormwater Phosphorus and Recommended Management Options. City of .

    Goose Facts(Lake Whatcom Management Program)
    SOME BASIC FACTS ABOUT CANADA GEESE: Photo: Geese. Evolutionarily, geese have nested in the tundra that provided low vegetation near open water.

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Pesticides - Lake Whatcom Management Program
Are living organisms that occur where they are not wanted; Cause damage to crops, humans, or other animals; Include some insects, mice and other animals, .