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Hybrid Cars and What You Should Know
Toyota Hybrid Concept by Italian Designer Allessandro Volta. © Toyota . The cleanest and most efficient energy source is electricity. . Perhaps they should ask Vancouver BC's Andrew Grant, the world's first Toyota Prius taxi cab driver.

PHEV and Other Electric Drive Testing Results and Resources
2004 Gen II Toyota Prius. 2. Completed . 2006 Toyota Highlander (AWD). 2. Ongoing . EnergyCS PHEV Prius MPG & kWh - UDDS Testing. 180. 9. 170. 8.5 .

EV WORLD: Meet the World's First 150 MPG Plug-In Prius
Mar 7, 2005 . From-the-field interview with Energy CS principals Greg Hanssen and Peter Nortman on their 150 mpg plug-in Toyota Prius. Interview in MP3 .

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Research Experience with a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Preprint
EnergyCS Conversion of a Toyota Prius. Tony Markel - Senior Engineer. Ahmad Pesaran, Kenneth Kelly, and Matthew Thornton. National Renewable Energy .

CalCars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid converted by CalCars with a fuel economy of over 100 . charged by off-peak electricity from renewable energy sources, and with their internal . www.edrivesystems.com; ^ www.energycs.com; ^ "Energy Efficient .

John Smart Idaho National Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy ...
Toyota Prius with EnergyCS conversion. ? Valence (9 kWh Li-ion). ? Altairnano (9 kWh Li-ion). • Toyota Prius with Manzanita Micro conversion. ? Hawker (5 kWh .

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Save the World, Make Millions. Here's How... - Electric Light and ...
PG&E worked with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and a company called Energy CS to convert a Toyota Prius from an HEV into a PHEV by .

The EnergyCS Prius demonstration plug-in hybrid has 95,000 miles and gets 100 . Plug-in hybrids eventually caught the attention of Toyota, which has recently .

Modified Prius to Get 230 MPG | The Green Optimistic
Feb 6, 2008 . Two Toyota Prius automobiles, modified in Monrovia, California, are now on . Energy CS, the company that modified the two 230-mpg cars, .

Oct 9, 2007 . 2006.03.31 - LA, EnergyCS, the Monrovia-based engineering firm, announced today that it has delivered the first Toyota Prius sedan retrofitted .

EnergyCS's version of PRIUS+ profiled in EVWorld
Mar 8, 2005 . Okay... so as to not confuse you any more than you might already be, Energy CS' plug-in Toyota Prius gets between 120-180 miles per gallon .

nesea/sun fa05hh
as EnergyCS LLC) in Monrovia, CA. This modified Toyota Prius sported a much larger, externally charged battery pack than a normal Prius” said Jim Dunn, co- .

AQMD Demonstration PHEV Prius Conversion Update
12July2006. EnergyCS / AQMD. 4. Project: Convert 2004 – 2006 Toyota Prius to. Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Goals. ?Integrate larger battery pack .

ECOtality North America: Relevant Experience
General Motors EV1; Ford Ranger; Chrysler EPIC Electric Mini-van; Toyota RAV- 4 Electric. PLUG-IN HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLES (PHEV). Energy CS Prius .

2012 Toyota Prius C First Test - Motor Trend
Read on to learn more about the 2012 Toyota Prius C in this first test brought to you by the . the mystery of the Prius C's "C' is permanently solved if you associate it with "city. . Biofuels also use more energy to produce than we get out of it.

Plug-In Hybrids - Edmunds.com
Nov 28, 2006 . Pete Nortman (left), president of EnergyCS, poses with a Toyota Prius converted into a plug-in hybrid. Greg Hanssen (kneeling right), president .

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  • Making a Plug for Hybrids
    Jul 11, 2005 . To maximize the life of the battery pack, Toyota engineers designed the Prius to keep the batteries about 60 percent charged. The Energy CS .

    Michelin Energy Saver A/S Review
    TireRack.com includes it in a multi-tire test designed to find the most fuel-friendly tire for the Toyota Prius. Owners rate the Energy Saver A/S at TireRack.com, .

  • Green Energy - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
    BWP sought and gained approval from the Burbank City Council in July 2006 to go out to bid to convert a standard Toyota Prius into a PHEV. EnergyCS was .

    New 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In 5dr HB (SE) - Northway Toyota
    This 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In in Latham, NY is available for a test drive today. . touch tracer display controls; Multi-information display -inc: energy monitor, .

  • US DOE Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity
    Eastern Idaho based U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Federal laboratory . EnergyCS Prius, 2 models (Valance and Altair Nano) . 6, 2002 Gen I Toyota Prius .

    Green Supercomputing Comes of Age
    computing, whereas green or energy-efficiency computing evokes images of the more practical. Toyota Prius. For decades, the supercomputing community .

  • Xenophilia - News Archives: Alternative Energy: Vehicles
    "Toyota is recalling 160,000 of its popular Prius hybrid cars because of an . A Californian outfit, Energy CS, in Monrovia, CA has converted two Priuses to get up .

    Prius PHEV - EAA-PHEV
    Jun 20, 2011 . EnergyCS [8] and their European partner Amberjac [9] as well as Canadian Hymotion [10] have converted numerous Prius PHEVs to this point.

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company Energizes Silicon Valley With ...
    See more news releases in: Oil & Energy, Utilities, Environmental Products . District and Energy CS, adds a lithium ion battery to a traditional Toyota Prius.

    Experimental Hybrid Cars Get Up to 250 Miles-Per-Gallon
    But Toyota Motor Corp. officials who initially frowned on people altering their cars . Monrovia-based Energy CS has converted two Priuses to get up to 230 mpg .

  • Presentation: 2006-09-25 to 27 Bringing EnergyCS Plug-In Hybrid ...
    Similar performance (100+mpg on Prius). • 30-40% reduction in . EDrive = Gen 2 EnergyCS technology. • Redesigned . 2004-2006 Toyota Prius (2007?) .

    US Department of Energy - Idaho National Laboratory
    Toyota Prius with EnergyCS conversion o Valence (9 kWh Li-ion) o Altairnano (9 kWh Li-ion) x. Toyota Prius with Manzanita Micro conversion o Hawker (5 kWh .

  • How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid
    (Both Toyota and Ford are now producing a few prototype conversions of their own . Felix Kramer's Prius converted by EnergyCS — click to see more photos of .

    Impact of Battery Weight and Charging Patterns, Energy
    after which time the vehicle switches to CS-mode and operates like a Toyota Prius, using the split control strategy with a target. SOC of 35% and SOC operating .

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Very Low Impedance Battery Architecture for Electrified Vehicles ...
significantly (almost double) higher energy densities than state-of-art battery systems. . battery of Toyota Prius to show viability of the Rolled-Ribbon. TM . cell modules that were interfaced with a battery management system from EnergyCS .