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Blizzard Details Secret World of Warcraft 'Pr - Video Game News ...
Mar 26, 2009 . Originally, Blizzard settled on a standard WoW quest item drop rate of around 35 %, with no system in place that would tweak the percentage as .

Drop Rate -- WoW Insider
Feb 17, 2010 . Probability is a greatly misunderstood area of math that impacts most areas of WoW gameplay, but none so intensely debated as drop chances.

Deathcharger's Reins - Item - World of Warcraft
Comment by Suhov. Regarding Blizzard official Armory drop rate for this is 1-2%. http://armory.wow-europe.com/item-info.xml?i=13335 .

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Pureblood Firehawk 100% drop rate on Normal - Forums - World of ...
Topic Pureblood Firehawk 100% drop rate on Normal . http://us.battle.net/wow/ en/item/69224#dropGameObjects. Also seen a few posts .

WoW TCG Pets – World of Warcraft Pet Loot from the WoW TCG
The following list includes all of the pets currently available from WoW TCG Loot . Rarity: 1/242 booster packs (drop rate from Landro's Pet Box is believed to be .

Drop rate - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
Drop rate is defined as x of x-kills that yields a specific item. An example: You kill 200 ogres...

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turtle higher drop rate in scholazar? - El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW ...
Ive read quite a few comments that say they got their turtles in just a few minutes fishing in the pools in scholazar (spelling?) and im wondering .

WoW Geeks » Companion Pet Guide
WoW Geeks is the World of Warcraft fansite dedicated to releasing guides for the . See the WowHead listing page for each pet as reported drop rates change .

Sea Pony - Companion - WarcraftPets
WarcraftPets.com - vanity pets, small pets, and companions pets for World of . Drop Rate: 1 in 250 fished. Event Required: Darkmoon Faire (first week of each .

Azure Whelpling - Item - World of Warcraft
Azure Whelpling is a World of Warcraft non-combat pet. . and stick to the drop rate percentages listed from the wowhead/thottbot/allakhazam wow addons.

Reins of the Blazing Drake - Item - World of Warcraft
The mount dropped first attempt and then our last now. I guess we are just lucky or the droprate is higher then wowhead says. Off-topic: Didn't won the mount but .

WoW gold farming spot 100% drop rate - YouTube
Jun 5, 2010 . Hey guys. i had audio for this that i recorded but something went wrong and it wouldent let me upload with the audio.. so basically we are .

Arctic Fur - Item - World of Warcraft
This item is rare quality, which probably accounts for its low drop rate. I spent . I wonder what else they skin from, and what the drop rates will turn out to be.

Deathwing realm - Molten Wiki
Jul 27, 2012 . Epic item drop rate: x1. Profession skill-up rate: x5. Auto-save: 3 minutes. Version : 3.3.5a. Realmlist: set realmlist logon.molten-wow.com .

Baradin Fox - NPC - World of Warcraft
Blizzard should make this fox kit an Epic Quality item like the macaw as it's drop rate (going by the figures here at wowhead) is upwards of one in 10,000. Most of .

Big Love Rocket - Item - World of Warcraft
. Air event. I am assuming that this mount has a very low drop rate (I haven't seen one yet). . And my main has been on WoW since 2007, so seriously Blizz?

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  • Some remarks on drop rates - WoW Insider - Joystiq
    Apr 29, 2008 . Do either of these outcomes mean the 10% drop rate is wrong? No! They do not! All a 10% drop rate means is that for each Supplies, there is a .

    Drop Rates -- WoW Insider
    Jan 16, 2010 . Probability is a greatly misunderstood area of math that impacts most areas of WoW gameplay, but none so intensely debated as drop chances.

  • Mounts of the World of Warcraft: Rare drop mounts
    Apr 29, 2008 . There are a few rare drop mounts in the World of Warcraft. . The best we got is the drop rate provided from wowhead, thottbot and other .

    Corrupted Carapace - Item - World of Warcraft
    I've been waiting for this shield to drop for like 2 months, but nothing, visit wowhead to check drop rate, got back to wow, queue for HoT, Boom shield dropp ! tybm .

  • Schematic: Jeeves - Item - World of Warcraft
    Comment by klobinoth. Ulduar mechanical bosses have a 3%-15% drop rate on this Schematic, according to WoW's Armory System. I was fortunate enough to .

    Reins of the Onyxian Drake - Item - World of Warcraft
    The World of Warcraft armory states the drop rate as being "Extremely Low," which is what it also says for the Fiery Warhorse on the armory. Personally, I think .

  • Swift White Hawkstrider - Item - World of Warcraft
    .I don't want to advertise on a page about world of warcraft but really...guild wars . I realize that it's a 1% drop rate, but, have farmed this every day since 80, and .

    Smoldering Egg of Millagazor - Item - World of Warcraft
    Armory shows it being a 100% drop rate from Heroic Cache of the Firelord. http:// us.battle.net/wow/en/item/69224#tab=dropCreatures. Gogo Invincible 2.0 .

  • Reins of the Raven Lord - Item - World of Warcraft
    Can anyone confirm a higher droprate, or is it as it was before 3.0? . Swift Flight form is trainable at level 71 according to WoW 3.0.3 PTR patch notes. Does this .

    Piccolo of the Flaming Fire - Item - World of Warcraft
    Just get this trinket and the Toy Train Set and ur on ur way to be the most anoyin player in wow xD. Since its 20% drop rate on the item u should take some time .

  • Dark Whelpling - Item - World of Warcraft
    Dark Whelpling is a World of Warcraft non-combat pet. It is looted from . The drop rate seems lower than that of the crimson and emerald whelplings. If your a .

    Great Brewfest Kodo - Item - World of Warcraft
    My priest has gotten the kodo twice and the ram once. Either I am the luckiest player in all of wow, or this drop rate has significantly increased this year.

  • Sea Turtle - Item - World of Warcraft
    The World of Warcraft is clearly Turtles All the Way Down! . contrary to what some people are saying, the drop rate to the turtle can indeed have a very .

    Mageweave Cloth - Item - World of Warcraft
    Mageweave cloth has a fantastic drop rate from the Dunemaul Ogres . This is my first comment in Wow Head people and i love this sight so much, plz rate me .

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Mimiron's Head - Item - World of Warcraft
Skornaq said: I have found the wow equivalent of Gollum. . Someone posted on the Invincible's Reins comment section that its drop rate was reduced to 4%.